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Therapy through Pilates

Therapy through Pilates

“Therapeutic Pilates focuses on symmetrical posture, breath control, strengthening the abdominals, stabilizing the spine, pelvis and scapula. It also focuses on muscle flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening through full range of motion.
It treats the body as a whole, which is why it does not cause injuries. A fact that makes the method an indefinite means of rehabilitating injuries and chronic diseases", explains Anna Maria Drakou, a TEFAA graduate of the Democritus University of Thrace with a specialization in Prevention - Intervention - Rehabilitation and a master's degree in Mass Sports, Chronic Diseases and Aerobics.

Who is Therapeutic Pilates for?

“In people who have chronic conditions such as scoliosis, spinal deformities and lordosis. It improves osteoporosis, arthritis and in general the whole musculoskeletal system – from the neck to the knees. It is also indicated for people who are in the early stages of multiple sclerosis. Essentially, with therapeutic Pilates exercises, you learn to control your body," Anna Maria clarifies. A logical question is why one would choose it. "At 'Wellness Fit' where I am we create personalized programs. We analyze the client's musculoskeletal problems, their lifestyle and create a program tailored to their needs. This is a safe type of exercise. In addition to muscle strengthening, people learn to listen to their body, so they don't injure it."

In everyday life where we live with the wrong posture in the office and stress, the exercises of the method are divided into levels, so they are ideal for every level of fitness.
Anna Maria Drakou
Wellness Fit

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