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Diet & Nutrition - weight loss secrets


Diet & Nutrition

There is much talk about what the secrets are to long-term weight loss maintenance.

Adopting a healthy diet and losing weight is by no means an easy task and it must become in your life a personal bet, a priority and not an effort with an expiration date.

Many have lost some extra pounds but few have been able to maintain this loss. The reason is simple and it's not that they don't have the will. It is that they treated their effort as something temporary and for this reason they did not go into the process of developing strategies to use to deal with difficult situations.

Instructions for your daily life:

  • Have reasonable and achievable weight loss goals.
  • Be sure to weigh yourself at regular intervals so that you can act more promptly.
  • Maintain consistent eating habits. What does this mean; Always breakfast, at least 3 main meals, good hydration and a fruit in between to "cut" the appetite.
  • Try not to operate in a "black or white" way. If you get sidetracked by a meal, don't level out your efforts. Regroup and watch out for the next ones.

Don't forget that the human body is made to be in constant motion and not for office work. Most health problems start with a sedentary lifestyle, so find ways to move. Until you manage to do all this you have to be patient with yourself. Habits take time to develop.