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Bergmann Kord


Bergmann Kord Book online

    Bergmann Kord Book online

      Bergmann Kord

      THE Bergmann Kord, is the first Hair Clinic in Greece, founded in 1979.
      Today, completing 38 years of operation, it exceeds the borders of the domestic "scientific world".
      He recommends one of the leading Centers for Hair transplant, worldwide.

      As a certified Medical Organization, it follows German standards of operation and organization, with the aim of comprehensive hair care.
      Thus, during its long history, it is active exclusively in the prevention, treatment and scientific treatment of hair loss.

      It invests steadily in clinical research, innovation and know-how.
      It provides advanced and effective solutions, through the application of the most modern and internationally recognized techniques.

      Thus, it unquestionably brings together the most Successful Hair Transplants in Greece.


      Hair transplant

      In Bergmann Kord, Hair Transplantation it is not treated as a simple matter of aesthetics, but as a medical act of responsibility.

      The Clinic has made a decisive contribution to the development and refinement of the method.
      The continuous activity of its specialized Medical Staff in clinical research programs yielded new pioneering techniques and methods.

      From the first micro-transplantation in the country, carried out by the doctors of the Clinics, until today, it has more than 67,000 successful Hair Transplants.
      And most importantly, with natural results of high aesthetic value.

      Thus its Scientific centers Bergmann Kord, for the last 40 or so years, have been offering the most suitable, personalized solutions to everyone.
      Especially, to those who wish to deal with her problem definitively and safely Hair loss.


      The Hair Loss Treatments, as well as the proper care and strengthening of the hair is an important request for Men and Women, due to the increasing tendency of the phenomenon of hair thinning.

      About one in two men and an equally large percentage of the female population will experience noticeable signs of hair loss at some point in their lives.
      With the probability of occurrence varying in proportion to life stage and escalating after the age of 50.

      However, from the age of 20, it is possible for a woman to notice thinning and thinning of her hair.
      While in young men it appears with frequency, between 18-25 years.
      Thus, a possible weakening and reduction of hair density strongly concerns both sexes in a wide age range and can cause significant psychological fluctuations.

      Bergmann Kord Hair Treatments

      The Hair Clinic Bergmann Cord applies the scientific Hair Loss Treatments, ensuring the prevention, maintenance or recovery of good hair health and beauty.

      After being preceded by Diagnosis and all the necessary information is collected, treatment options are examined in relation to the type, degree and extent of hair loss and a treatment program is formulated, completely adapted to the individual needs of each interested party.

      Hair Treatments

      These are the treatments against hair loss, which are mainly preventive in nature. They offer hair nourishment and strengthening, to prevent or delay the onset of hair loss and to limit its range of action, so that it does not cause thinning.

      Treatments include Hair Mesotherapy and treatment Volmed®, whose results are maximized in conjunction with the application Soft Laser. At the same time, the treatment is also particularly effective PRP, the method of autologous tissue regeneration and regeneration, through platelet-rich plasma, which can also be applied after Hair transplant, to strengthen existing hair growth and accelerate the growth rate of new hair.


      Our Scientific Centers

      With a presence in the most important cities of Greece, the Bergmann Kord offers Knowledge, Experience and Expertise, to those looking for permanent and safe solutions, with aesthetically perfect results.

      At 4,028 min the privately owned clinics, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras, Larissa and Rose, the specialized Scientific Teams of the Hair Clinics provide high standard services to anyone interested.


      The main building is housed in the capital of the country, in a location with direct and safe access.

      Only 7 kilometers from the center of Athens, the Scientific Center of Chalandrio at 348 Kifissias Avenue, is located among the most important Medical, Commercial and Sports Centers of the country.

      Opposite the "Hygeia" Hospital, "Medical Center", "Iaso", "Mother", "Gaia", some of the largest Nursing Units in the Basin, near three of the largest shopping centers in Greece and very close to the Olympic Complex , the main site of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the area is characterized as a point of reference and provision of multidimensional Social Services.

      Our Clinic is easily accessible by public transport, while for those traveling by IX there is no concern about parking, since a private parking space is provided.