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WhiteBox CrossFit Book online

    WhiteBox CrossFit Book online

      WhiteBox CrossFit

      Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done

      His sport Crossfit, considered by far the most dynamic, complete and safest sport, found a home in its facilities  WhiteBox CrossFit  and specifically at Amfitheas Avenue 61 in Paleo Faliro in a modern, innovative gym size: 325 sq.m.

      His team WhiteBox CrossFit consists of a variety of trainers who have experience in a wider field of fitness and health. His goal WhiteBox CrossFit is to activate all areas of "Fitness".

      All of us have heard lately about a new way of training called CrossFit. Only that CrossFit it's not just another new, promising way to train. So what is it and why is it used in America and in many European countries as the basic training of special forces, security forces and the fire brigade for many years? The reason is simple, its performance is comprehensive!

      The WhiteBox offers a number of payment packages to watch any of the programs. The most affordable way to watch is to become a member. All memberships include unlimited participation in all departments.

      All customers enjoy its quality services WhiteBox CrossFit and the impeccable assistance offered by the team. Consistency, Quality, Prices, Know-how, Support are the main axes on which we base our policy WhiteBox CrossFit .



      MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:00-22:00



      The CrossFit is a sport that constantly uses alternating, high-powered functional exercises. Let's analyze this definition a little more. As is well known, routine in sports is a factor that prevents the athlete from improving.

      The CrossFit uses a wide range of exercises from weight lifting (olympic lifting), gymnastics as well as cardiovascular endurance exercises, where in each training the athlete has to face a new challenge, these exercises are taken from everyday life us, i.e. they imitate movements we do every day such as squats, deadlifts, etc. activating several joints together. In this way we learn the correct technique to avoid injuries not only during training but also in our daily movements. Finally, these multi-joint and functional exercises are performed at high intensities. In other words, they are high-powered exercises designed to carry large loads over greater distances as quickly as possible.

      Its purpose CrossFit is to improve the physical condition of athletes in each of the ten recognized principles of fitness and well-being, which are strength, power, speed, cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, agility, flexibility, coordination , accuracy and balance. It also prepares athletes to be able to perform successfully in their daily activities and be ready to face any kind of physical challenge. CrossFit is for everyone, athletes and non-athletes, because the needs of an Olympic athlete are no different than those of an elderly person in terms of type and quality, only quantity and intensity. Strength, agility and balance are important elements for both the best champion and our grandmother. As for the best performance, the CrossFit he will use the exact same method on a housewife as he uses on an Olympic athlete. What will differ, however, will be the program.