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Mindfulness: Knowledge and awareness

Mindfulness: Knowledge and awareness

Mindfulness: Knowledge and awareness

Knowledge and awareness or Mindfulness.

A new study has found that mindfulness therapy is just as effective in protecting you from a relapse of depression and the use of antidepressants.

Mindfulness comes from the Buddhist meditation tradition, but incorporates a focus on helping patients attend to their feelings and thoughts in such a way that they function differently. The study involved 84 people aged 18 to 65 who were in remission from a depressive disorder.

Subjects were divided into 3 groups, antidepressant maintenance therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, or placebo. Patients who had mindfulness-based therapy or antidepressant therapy had a reduced risk of relapse (28% and 27% respectively, compared to 71% from the placebo group).

Having this alternative to sedative drugs is vital to mention that over 40% of people coming out of depression do not take some of the antidepressant drugs to prevent relapse, defying doctors' recommendations.

In addition to massage known for its beneficial properties, against stress and anxiety, mindfulness is a continuation of yoga, meditation, reiki and contributes positively to a person's well-being. Mindfulness: Knowledge and awareness


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