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Mézières method a revolutionary orthopedic method

Mézières method a revolutionary orthopedic method

The Mézières Method (Orthostatic) is a revolutionary orthopedic method, discovered in 1947 by Françoise Mézières.
In fact, the application of this method goes far beyond orthopedic indications and physiotherapy. It can be said that the Mézières method, different from all other methods, is a structural osteopathic method.
By the term orthostatic, we mean the position-stance of the body, in relation to space and the gravity of the earth.
Orthostatics is the one that studies the correct posture of the body in order to prevent and treat various diseases such as back pain (lower back pain), cervical syndrome, periarthritis of the shoulder, disc diseases, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc.


Mézières argued that all problems have their roots in the lack of balance-symmetry. When there is symmetry in the human body, harmony prevails. And when there is harmony the body can get out of any problem.

All body tissues are connected. There is of course a relationship between muscles and viscera. In order for there to be no pain in the body, harmony must exist in both directions.

Likewise all the joints work together. If the body has a wrong posture or an injury in one of the joints then this will be the cause of a general deformity in the body.

So for the body to function well it is important to return to a harmonious shape. When Mézières spoke of harmony, she meant the perfect morphology and considered it to be the one depicted in the statues of the ancient Greek culture of the classical period where the relationship of hand and thumb, thigh and calf, forehead and nose, etc. is equal to the square root of 5 +1/2. Mézières argued that the only smooth morphology is the one that corresponds to the relationships of the proportions that the parts of the body have with each other, which corresponds to the "golden section" that characterizes the Greek art of the classical period.

It was, he said, the only art that presented the human body as it should be…that is, as it could be if it used its full potential.

The discoveries of Françoise Mézières led to a method that is applied almost exclusively by physiotherapists and is a huge revolution in the field of orthopedics. Many types of pathologies can be treated with this method, some of which have been characterized as incurable without surgery: from common back pain to scoliosis, to arthritis, periarthritis, crooked fingers, weak knees, flat feet, sciatica, herniated discs, etc. a.
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