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Benefits of swimming for babies & toddlers

Benefits of swimming for babies & toddlers

The following benefits of swimming are for infants and toddlers who learn to swim through a gentle, gradual and child-friendly program.

We must respect children's needs and concerns as they learn to swim in an environment of joy and acceptance. We should never jeopardize the child's well-being by imposing fear and submission.

The use of violence, not only can reverse the following positive benefits but also can result in adverse and unexpected consequences and side effects. Intensive lessons or too much pressure on the child can be harmful, on many levels.

The benefits of baby-friendly swimming for infants and toddlers are unique, invigorating while contributing to the positive development of the child as a whole. The relaxing properties of water make the most of the child's potential.

Research has shown that the stimulating effect of these programs can increase intelligence, concentration, alertness and perception. It has also been shown to improve social, emotional and physical development. Of course, manifesting such inspired mental, personal and motor growth takes time, patience and repetition. Such phenomena are confirmed by veteran educators, especially in children who started lessons at the age of less than 12 months without this meaning that a baby cannot start later. In the end, these babies become extremely calm and relaxed in the water.

Water is an excellent healer; its tender and stimulating effect, especially on children with special needs, is remarkable. Buoyancy is like an invisible helping hand. Zero gravity offers a freedom not found on the ground. The best possible learning conditions combined with kindness and patience can bring even the most shy or hurt child out of their shell. In addition, over the years it has been proven that autistic toddlers in the company of their parents consider the nurturing experience of swimming to be a pleasant, calm and positive environment where they develop, socialize and grow together. Just as "floor time" works for autistic children, early swimming lessons can help stimulate interactive learning.

In what other medium are you face-to-face, face-to-face while simultaneously sharing the joy of learning something together?

Saltamanikas Nikolas
Your AQUA spot program manager
Graduated from the Department of Science of Physical Education & Sports of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens /Ed. Swimming of all categories

Master, Physical Education (Sport Management) LUC
FOUNDER / www.pool-about.gr / Pool ABOUT SALON - EXPO

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