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Soeks pesticide measuring device

Soeks pesticide measuring device

Your ally for better health.
In the modern rhythms of today's era in which we live, man is attacked daily by internal harmful factors such as stress, poor diet, etc., and by external factors such as radiation, radioactivity, magnetic fields, chemicals, smoke, pesticides resulting in the manifestation serious diseases in the long term.
The Soeks company has created for you the right products, portable devices, so that we can control all of the above, and especially the food we buy for consumption. With these devices and specifically with the Nitrate tester device, we can check the levels of nitrates (pesticides) in fruits, vegetables and meat on site.
The human body has the ability to detoxify itself when the levels of toxins are in low concentrations, in contrast when the concentrations increase, the accumulation in the body increases with the consequence of a large increase in the risk of disease and carcinogenesis in the long term.
So think about your trial health and that of your children by choosing foods with the lowest possible nitrate content in the fruits, vegetables and meat that you are going to consume.
The Soeks device shows us the permissible limit of nitrates in each food and the exact percentage in the measurement, in a very simple way. The device is the size of a mobile phone and has a spike sensor on its tip which pierces the food and measures the nitrate levels directly and compares them with the values passed into its memory, according to the corresponding food we choose before measurement.


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