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What I need to know about laser hair removal

What I need to know about laser hair removal

THE αποτρίχωση με Laser είναι πλέον μία ευρέως διαδεδομένη εφαρμογή η οποία παρέχεται σε πολλούς χώρους γύρω μας. Τι πρέπει όμως να γνωρίζουμε, πότε να ξεκινήσουμε, πόσος χρόνος και πόσες συνεδρίες χρειάζoνται, πότε δεν πρέπει να εφαρμόζεται και τι χρειάζεται να προσέξουμε;
We will try below to answer many of your questions which justifiably arise, so that you have a complete knowledge about the laser hair removal process.
What is Laser hair removal?
It is a permanent method of hair removal that is applied to all areas of the body and is suitable for both men and women. Permanently removes 96% of unwanted body hair and should be applied by trained personnel, always after examination and authorization by a physician.
Why should I do laser hair removal?
The vast majority of people who choose laser hair removal do so for aesthetic reasons. However, there are also many cases where laser hair removal is required for medical reasons. A cause of hirsutism other than heredity can be a medication that a patient must follow (eg cortisone) or from pathological conditions such as hypothyroidism.
In which areas is the result better?
The legs, underarms and bikini area are areas where the results from Laser hair removal are usually more immediate. The face may need a little more time due to some hormonal burden. Also the results are more immediate in women as men have a greater amount of androgens.
How many sessions are needed for laser hair removal?
The number of sessions needed usually ranges from 6 to 7, sometimes more sessions may be needed in the facial area, the final number of sessions needed is also determined by the color of the skin and hair, as well as its thickness.
When do I need to wax?
Usually every 45-50 days we repeat the session so that the hair is in the growth phase and the hair removal results are more effective.
When do I see the first results of hair removal?
Immediately from the first session we will notice a reduction in body hair up to 40-50% depending on the area. The hairs become softer over time and their color lightens.
Does laser hair removal hurt?
We could say that this is an almost painless method. However, this varies from person to person, in any case, if deemed necessary, local anesthesia cream can be used, especially in some sensitive areas such as the bikini area.
Is it a safe method and how long does it take?
The method is proven to be completely safe, when we talk about laser we are referring to visible light and not radiation. How long each session will last depends on the area(s) we are waxing, the mustache for example may need 10 minutes of hair removal, while the whole body may need more than two hours.
How is the skin after laser hair removal?
After the end of the session the patient is free to return to his daily activities.
The only thing that can occur is a temporary perifollicular swelling, which will however disappear completely in a few hours. Using ice or a moisturizer will help them go away even faster.
Contraindications to laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal is not recommended for people who suffer from some form of photodermatitis or are taking isotretinoin.
It is also not recommended during pregnancy or lactation except with the consent of your gynecologist.

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