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Barbadensis aloe vera

Barbadensis aloe vera

Barbadensis aloe vera

The company Barbadensis aloe flowers creates face and body care cosmetics with pure raw materials from the company's proprietary organic cultivation. Barbadensis aloe vera

Barbadensis aloe vera

Aloe vera inspired us to create beauty products based on organic aloe. Each piece is collected and filtered with care and attention while the gel is isolated and subject to pasteurization.

The herbal products of the company are 100% organic, they do not contain chemicals and therefore the products have an expiration date, they are a home-made product.

In collaboration with the company's chemist Maria Marinaki, we created the day cream, night cream, soap and soon body lotion. Barbadensis aloe vera

The day cream offers hydration and shine, helps the pores to open, since it contains aloe, coconut extracts which enhances the action of the cream by creating a protective film, with an aroma of oats and honey.

Barbadensis aloe vera

The night cream offers anti-aging, vitamin E "locks" moisture inside the cells and boosts collagen production, coconut oil and beeswax (organic) provides nourishment to the skin.

Barbadensis aloe vera

Such an amazing plant could only inspire us to create new products, of course following the same line of composition.

Contact info:

e-mail: barbadensisav@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aloeflowers.gr/

Instagram: barbadensis.av (@barbadensis.av)

Contact phone: 6909405091

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