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Earth Matters Apothecary

Earth Matters Apothecary

Uniquely designed to address the three body types (endomorphic, ectomorphic, mesomorphic) with organic ingredients derived from flowers, herbs, spices and sea plants.
* endomorphic: it is the body type that favors fat storage and suffers from a slow metabolism, it has a high probability of developing hypothyroidism as it grows older.
* ectomorphic: it is the body type that does not put on weight, has a lighter build than others, is underweight and weak, may develop hyperthyroidism as it grows older.
* mesomorphic: is the body type that shows better muscle build (without any kind of hard exercise), has a better metabolism than others and doesn't put fat on it easily, has the strongest immune system.

Ολα τα προϊόντα περιέχουν αιθέρια olive, βότανα, θαλάσσια φυτά και άργιλο. Τα Earth Matters Apothecary έχουν σκοπό να καθαρίσουν, να θρέψουν και να αποκαταστήσουν τη ζωτικότητα στο σώμα και το μυαλό. Τα πλούσια  θρεπτικά προϊόντα ενυδατώνουν και εκ νέου ορυκτοποιούν το δέρμα αποκαθιστώντας την ισορροπία στο δέρμα.
Our skin becomes softer, more supple and fortified.

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