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Nine types of Spa

Nine types of Spa

8 & 1 items Spa they introduce you to his magical world. Choose the one that suits you best.

Spa means Salus per Aquam, meaning "health through water". Health that has nothing to do only with good physical condition, but mainly with mental well-being to which the precious flow of water leads and not only. Nowadays, the spa it is associated with countless treatments that promise to bring us closer to well-being and thus to happiness. And because... spa it's not just one, here are the most important types Spa.

Hotel/Resort Spa – The spa at his best


When a hotel demands our respect and the designation "luxury", it must definitely include comprehensive services spa. The facilities of spa in hotels and tourist resorts offer a wide variety of highly attractive treatments that promise endless moments of relaxation to the lucky guests who are looking for the most ideal conditions of rejuvenation during their vacation. In the "tourist" areas spa it is usually the first acquaintance of most of us with the magical dimension of water.

Famous Resort Spa: Lagonissi Grand Resort – Destination Spa

when the spa becomes a destination


This is the ultimate experience spa in the most beautiful places in the world. The destination spa is the new "anthem" in well-being and is addressed to those truly initiated into the secrets of well-being. The everyday life of these spaces revolves exclusively around physical and mental well-being with healthy eating programs, therapeutic recipes spa, aesthetic treatments, sports activities and meditation training courses for a healthier lifestyle.

Famous Destination Spa: Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Thailand  – Connoisseur Spa

THE crème de la crème of spas


They are the choice of those who are well aware of its beneficial effects spa in body and mind and have absolutely no problem spending a fortune to enjoy the most exclusive exists right now. The recognized elite of spas selected with the strictest criteria and combines the dream location with the most luxurious amenities and the most difficult to find services spa with the knowledge and experience of the best professionals of the genre, under conditions of absolute privacy, away from even the most discerning eyes.

Famous Connoiseur Spa: Breakers Palm Beach, Florida – Spa Lifestyle Real Estate

Living in a Spa


The new fashion combines real estate investment with lifestyle of spa. The new option enables the purchase of a house built in exclusive location of idyllic beauty where state-of-the-art facilities have been constructed spa special claims. The new trend has not yet arrived in Greece, however, judging by the enthusiasm with which its affluent fans are welcoming it spa abroad, then it probably won't be long before it makes its appearance, and quickly.

Famous Spa Lifestyle Real Estate: Banyan Tree Residences, Thailand – Casino Spa

All the money!


Some of the world's major casinos now boast amenities that would be the envy of some of the world's most prestigious five-star hotels. The spa that operate in the casino areas are the ideal opportunity to relieve the tension created by the... long hours of exposure in front of decks, roulettes and slotsmachines. Usually the spa attract travelers seeking every experience, including lucky gamblers, who want to spend their winnings with the most chic way. There is certainly no better way to celebrate a successful performance on the felt than to enjoy a unique thaimassage in the experienced hands of experts.

Famous Casino Spa: Le Meridien Lav, Kroatia – Day Spa

Escape from everyday life


A visit to Day or the Salon Spa during the day it is a simple as well as flexible way to relax and disengage from the tension and stress faced by the modern city man. The most precious hour of the 24 hours includes a soothing massage, beauty masks and rejuvenating treatments that restore the lost tranquility of body and spirit. In the premises of day spa mobile phones and anything else that may disturb the tranquility of the guests are prohibited. The "heavenly" setting requires only soft music, scented candles and abstract decoration.

Famous Day Spa: Iguazu Day Spa, New York – Med Spa

At the service of aesthetic medicine


This kind of spa works under the constant supervision of the most qualified professionals of aesthetic medicine. The environment is quite suggestive of a doctor's room decorated with a view, implying that what is happening here is clearly "clinical" in nature. The more med spa provide interventions Botox, photolysis and hair removal with laser, while the most specialized ones have the necessary equipment and scientific staff to carry out plastic surgery. As spaces spa of course, massage services and classic rejuvenation treatments could not be missing, however the reason for the existence of med spa is specific, hence the permanent presence of nurses and doctors.

Famous Med Spa: Ageless Remedies of Athens, Georgia – Medical Spa

Alma Libre


Many confuse them med spa after medical, others think it is the exact same thing. However the medical spa differ substantially from the med, since they focus mainly on spiritual harmony and secondarily on improving the physical condition. The existence of medical aims at rejuvenating the soul and substantially reducing stress, through contact with alternative philosophies and views of classical Western medicine. People who visit it spa they learn to balance their body with their spirit and mind, while the goal of the therapists is to introduce their "students" to the secrets of longevity.

Famous Medical Spa: L’Albereta Chateau & Relais, Italy – Mobile Spa

Kind of… first aid


This is the most widespread and familiar to most of his side spa. The "mobiles" spa easily and quickly transported by professionals, wherever needed. The most common category mobile spa includes cosmetics and equipment for manicures, pedicures, massages and facial cleansing, in short, all the daily habits imposed first by hygiene and then by women's aesthetics.


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