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Yoga: Physical and mental well-being for everyone

Yoga: Physical and mental well-being

Yoga: Physical and mental well-being for everyone

The benefits of yoga are not only proven scientifically but also through research/questionnaires on those who have included this practice in their lives, which focuses on breathing, strengthening and flexibility techniques. Yoga: Physical and mental well-being

Just after a few hours of yoga practice, the benefits both in our body and in our mental functioning become apparent. Find out what can help you find the motivation to start/try a yoga class.

Indicatively, a related survey carried out in the USA showed that 94% of people who did yoga, had chosen it purely for reasons of health and well-being.

Harmony in the body

The truth is that the harmony pyoga offers to the body and spirit allows for the reduction of stress and all stressors that cause mental and physical imbalance.

According to research, practicing yoga for at least 3 months can reduce cortisol levels in the body (also known as stress hormone).

Fights nervousness and anxiety

Previous research has concluded that yoga "relieves" symptoms of nervousness and anxiety/anxiety to a greater extent than the popular walking because it raises levels of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

This particular amino acid tends to be at lower levels in people who experience intense nervousness, anxiety and mood disorders.

Also, yoga can be used as a helpful/supportive practice in dealing with depression.

Spiritual clarity

In addition to the psychological benefits, yoga helps with mental clarity since it acts as a stimulant for the brain in terms of focusing on targeted behaviors and in terms of the brain's management of emotional reactions.

Research has shown that a single yoga class can improve memory speed and accuracy compared to a single aerobic exercise class. Nevertheless, its effect is short-term since it lasts a short time after the completion of the course. Yoga: Physical and mental well-being

In terms of its positive influence on our body, researches support that the practice of yoga can have better results than physiotherapy for lower back pain.

"Shield" for heart disease

Finally, it has been proven that yoga can prevent the occurrence of heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide.

This is because it reduces the risk factors of a heart attack, such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and Body Mass Index.

In short, the practice of yoga can contribute to improving our physical, mental and spiritual condition, always of course in combination with a balanced lifestyle...

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