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Eye spa

Eye spa

Tired or puffy eyes?

By the time this article is finished you will have blinked more than fifty times. If you suffer from eyestrain and you haven't slept well you will blink your eyes twice as often. This will make the eyes dry and tired.
The eyes say a lot about our health. Over the years and exposed to pollution, sun, allergies, excessive use of computers, stress the eyes begin to show signs of wear and tear.
Massage has entered our lives for good, on the back, legs and almost the whole body, but we overlook a rather stressed and sensitive part of our body, which is the eyes.
Many spa treatments offer facials or eye treatments to soothe and refresh the eye and its surrounding skin. Eye treatments are often quick and inexpensive.
Eye treatments may vary (depending on spa) but they all follow a similar format. This involves applying an appropriate facial cleansing cream (based on the patient's skin type) to remove any traces of makeup and prepare the area. An enzyme peeling cream is then added for about four to five minutes to remove dead body cells. After that, a mixture of serums is gently applied around the eye until it is all absorbed by the skin.
Key ingredients include sodium hyaluronate (to hydrate the skin), silicon (revitalizes cells, prevents the appearance of fine lines, and improves texture), and hamazulene (to soften the eye area). This is followed by a ten-minute relaxing massage around the browbones and eyes. Finally, a firming cream is applied to the area to lock in the nutrients and enhance healing.
Massage is vital because it helps remove toxins around the eyes and stimulates circulation. The result of the massage is a rested eye renewed not only inside, but we also have a smooth and shiny skin.
For our eyes
Here are some simple home remedies to relieve dark circles, puffy, dry and tired eyes:
Black circles: Cover the eyes for 15 minutes, with a piece of cotton dipped in cool cucumber juice. Before going to bed, massage with almond oil around the eyes.
Swollen eyes: Wet two chamomile marshmallow tea bags in the refrigerator to cool, put them on the eyes, for five to ten minutes. You can also use cotton soaked in rose water.
Dry eye: Apply a warm cloth to your eyes for up to ten minutes following a gentle massage. Do this several times a day. It helps to open the blocked glands in the eyelids that help with lubrication.
Tired eyes: Rub your palms together quickly until they are warm. Cover your closed eyes with your palms. You will feel the heat coming from your palms, but do not touch your eyelids. Sit about like this for a minute. Repeat several times. This helps to soothe the eyes and rejuvenate the surrounding area.
Eye exercises
Your eyes need daily exercise, just like the rest of our body to keep fit and healthy. Here are some routine eye exercises you can do at home or work.
Massage in the eye area: A mirror would help. Take the two fingers (index and middle) place them on the inner corner of the eyes near the nose, your movement is gently outward towards the temples, lightly tapping the area. Then move your fingers in a smooth motion down the collarbone. Repeat four or five times. This helps to remove toxins.
Shiatsu: They focus on five trigger points around each eye and a sixth between them to relieve eye strain and promote overall eye health. The first point is between the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye, the second is below where the eyebrow begins, the third is below the center of your forehead, the fourth is where your forehead tapers and the fifth it's just beyond the outer corner of your eye. And we finish with the third eye point, located between your eyebrows. Gently press each point with your fingers for about sixty seconds or until you feel a pulse.
Eye socket massage: Take the index and middle finger of each hand and place them on either side of your nose, just below the bridge. Rub your fingers up the bridge of your nose and along your eyebrows. Repeat the movement five times to relax the eyes and the surrounding area.
Shiatsu on the face: Hold your face tightly with your hands, palms on your cheeks towards the nose, fingers firmly on the eyebrows and wrist pressing the chin towards the mouth. Hold for a few seconds tense and quickly release. Repeat several times. This will relieve you of stress, tension and relaxes the facial muscles.
The lion: Take a deep breath. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, look up, then exhale sharply and say aaaaah! like the roar of a lion. It may feel a little uncomfortable but this not only stimulates the eyes but is also a wonderful instant tension reliever.

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