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Blonde in 10 seconds…

Blonde in 10 seconds…

If someone told you that you could go up to 7 tones blonder in 10 seconds, would you believe them? Of course not.
And yet there is The Blonde Wand. The Magic Wand. It has the form of a simple equalizing machine.
Up to 7 levels lighter, blonder in seconds with this unique tool. Thermal light, combined with the Pure Creme Lightener, allows the dye to lighten your hair with less damage than the traditional process.
Used with a special bleaching cream created just for this particular accessory, the hair is wrapped in aluminum foil. Then this magic wand takes the baton and with gentle movements, over the aluminum foil, channels the corresponding heat which, combined with the cream, gives us a wonderful, quick result in just 10 seconds, up to 7 tons of blonder hair. Enjoy the result at video.

The Blonde Wand

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