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Teach me, don't hurt me..!

do not hurt me

Teach me, don't hurt me..!

Parents will do well to watch a baby swimming lesson before they enroll their children. do not hurt me

As a parent, I would go to a swimming pool to see how a lesson is actually done. Know where you are going to send your child. These people can become very persuasive so be aware of falsification and distortion of what is really going on. Don't be uninformed. Don't be misinformed. Don't be misled. Don't cheat. Remember the "Trojan Horse"• swimming lessons can be fun but they can also be quite the opposite.

Do you want them to treat your child in an impersonal way, disregarding his feelings?

Do you really believe that the infant or toddler does not understand the harsh trials they are being put through?

Beware of excuses for using force or dominance against your child in order to learn to swim.

Beware of methods that deny oxygen to babies until they float. If an instructor tells you to skip breakfast, hit the mountains.

If such brutal behavior took place in a ground program or public schoolroom, would you be enrolled in the class?

Don't make decisions driven by fear. Such methods make young children who shape their character, believe that aggression is something positive. In all probability passing this perception from generation to generation.

do not hurt me

Trust is also shaken… "Dad and mom are putting me through this." What we need now is peace and joy for our children, peace in our world.

A professional trainer's job is to help terrified children overcome their fear through play, not to cause or create additional fear.

If you notice that the children are crying or upset when they go or during the lesson, you must understand that something is not right.

In some programs almost all children cry and in almost every lesson. Where is the humanity in all this, where is the sound educational practice?

Such programs use the two negative elements: fear and guilt, in parents and children. They argue that by allowing this child abuse to continue, the character of both parent and child is built. There is no bigger lie than this..!  

Too much pressure on the innocent child can lead to giving up and "malnutrition" of the spirit. Science has proven that the stimuli received by an infant, whether negative or positive, profoundly affect the development of the intellectual and emotional world throughout the child's life.

Authoritative and forceful methods do not "see" the bigger picture or the child as a whole. In their effort to reassure the parents, they are indifferent to the tranquility of the children. It is extremely important to approach baby swimming in human rather than clinical terms. The ripple caused by a pebble in the still waters of a lake emits multiple concentric circles outward. Therefore, the same is true of the teaching effect, affecting young learners on multiple levels. It is not enough to only look for the beautiful elements of swimming, we must also combine them with the beautiful elements of the child. Individuals committed to this endeavor must focus on the highest good of every child with whom they come into contact.

Saltamanikas Nikolas

Your AQUA spot program manager
Graduated from the Department of Science of Physical Education & Sports of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens /Ed. Swimming of all categories

Master, Physical Education (Sport Management) LUC
FOUNDER / www.pool-about.gr / Pool ABOUT SALON - EXPO

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