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Tips for the perfect eyeliner line

Tips for the perfect eyeliner line

We all want to achieve the perfect eyeliner line, but most of the time the result is not the best we could have.
It requires a steady hand, a good eye to get the same lines in both eyes and a lot of patience. however, as always, he found tips to achieve the perfect eyeliner line with just the help of adhesive tape.
See below an easy tip to achieve the perfect line yourself for an attractive look.
Step 1. Cut a small piece of tape and stick it to your hand a few times so that it loses some of its strength and doesn't stick too much to the delicate eye area.

Step 2. Place the tape under the eye, with a slight upward slope. Don't go too close to the brow or the line will be exaggerated.

Step 3. Start the line from the center of the eyelid, the point where the line begins to thicken. Rest your hand on your cheek for more stability.

Step 4. Using your tape ruler, continue the line outward. Don't worry if you paint over the tape, it will come off in the end anyway.

Step 5. Remove the tape and admire the perfect eyeliner line you created so easily!

Step 6. Don't forget to finish the line on the other half of the eye


Advice-tips from Medical Esthetics

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