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What is mesotherapy?

What is mesotherapy?

What is mesotherapy?

You've heard it everywhere! Magazines, TV, friends talk about mesotherapy. What is mesotherapy?
Effective treatment for cellulite, localized fat, hair loss and facial rejuvenation.
What really matters?

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is practically an injection technique.
It is the injection of various substances (hyaluronic acid, phosphatidylcholine, vitamins, proteins, circulation improvers, etc.) depending on the condition we are dealing with on the skin.
The advantage of mesotherapy is the immediate effect: the mixture of substances acts directly on the affected area.
In other words, we don't wait for a small part of the vitamins, for example, that we took from the mouth to reach the scalp, but we give the problem area immediately what it needs.

Mesotherapy and hair loss

Once a correct and complete diagnosis has been made for the causes of hair loss, treatment follows.
We use according to the needs of the patient
* vitamins,
* circulation improvers to improve the blood supply to the hair root,
* amino acids to nourish the hair and
* autologous growth factors.
Especially the treatment with autologous growth factors or otherwise "blood mesotherapy" or "autologous mesotherapy" has very good results in female and male type alopecia.
Growth factors stimulate hair follicles to produce better quality hair and in some cases stimulate precursor cells to transform into follicles and thus new hair.
Cellulite mesotherapy
The solution we use to treat cellulite contains
* multivitamins to reverse the oxidative process,
* amino acids to nourish the skin,
* hyaluronic acid for volume and firmness,
* carnitine to improve microcirculation,
* phosphatidocholine to treat local fat,
* and various other ingredients depending on the needs of the skin.

Facial mesotherapy

It is the so-called Mesolift: the mesotherapy injection of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants into the skin, so that it is renewed and rejuvenated.
The skin becomes smoother, brighter and gains more volume. The results are immediate.
Mesolift is considered the best combination of photorejuvenation, peelings, Botox and implants.
Treatment with autologous growth factors or otherwise "blood mesotherapy" or "autologous mesotherapy" can again be used on the face.

Mesotherapy – side effects

Mesotherapy is generally a simple procedure.
The most common side effects are mild pain after surgery and swelling or ecchymosis (bruising).
Inflammation, necrosis and more serious complications can occur if the practitioner who applies it is inexperienced or does not have proper technique and injects the material at the wrong level.
It is therefore a simple technique, as long as it is performed by the appropriate dermatologist.

Roller mesotherapy

It is a variation of the method.
We use a roller with tiny protrusions that create micro-injuries on the skin and then apply the mixture as a mask.
The material is absorbed from the places where the skin was injured.

Non-injectable mesotherapy
Alternatively, there is a machine that, with the help of iontophoresis, opens the channels of the skin, allowing the material we want to pass through the skin without injections!
The advantage is, of course, that it is completely painless, but the result is not as good as that of normal injectable mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy prices
Depending on the experience of each doctor, the materials used and the extent of the treated area, prices range from €60 to €500.
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