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Internal hydrotherapy

Internal hydrotherapy

  • Positherapy

As a treatment, it is achieved by drinking a specified amount of thermal water, in the environment where the source appears. Positherapy is indicated for:

    • Bile and gallbladder dyskinesia
    • Cholelithiasis
    • Liver diseases
    • Diseases of the biliary tract

In hydrotherapy centers or thermal centers, the duration of positotherapy is set at 3-4 weeks, as the case may be. Positherapy must be done on an empty stomach and the dose of water is usually measured in glasses (250ml). Before the treatment begins, the visitor must be examined by the doctor of the hydrotherapy center.


  • Inhalation therapy

As a treatment, it is based on the transformation of the thermal waters into microdroplets and the exploitation of the gases contained in them. Inhalation therapy is indicated for:

    •   Diseases of the respiratory system

Inhalation therapy techniques are inhalations, nebulization, aerosol and humag. Gases or vapors are inhaled with the help of special devices. Nebulization is the conversion of liquid into droplets with special devices. Aerosol is a treatment technique with compressed steam, while humag is inhalation of gases released by special techniques from the thermal water.

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