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Three tips to get rid of belly fat

abdominal fat

Three tips to get rid of belly fat

We are listening many people to say that they go through every day enough time in the gym but they continue to see the annoying belly which also indicates increased fat in that particular area. abdominal fat

Reducing belly fat is not only related to our appearance but also to our health. The increased percentage of fat is "blamed" for a number of problems, such as diabetes.

However, belly fat is not invincible. We can change some of our habits on a daily basis and see spectacular improvement. What is certain is that it is not enough to exercise.

abdominal fat

As the years pass, sport alone cannot give impressive results. At the same time, a balanced diet is needed that emphasizes lean proteins, especially in the evening hours. Here are three key tips for cutting back on fat.

Exercise every day

For those of you who have not yet included some form of exercise in your daily life, now is the time to do so. If you are unfit, prefer an aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming and try to gradually increase the time of the activity.

After 30 minutes of exercise the body begins to burn fat even if you exercise at a mild intensity. Another form of exercise that helps burn fat is interval training. However, this particular form of exercise should be done by fit people and no more than once or twice a week. This particular exercise helps us burn fat for several hours after training, but it is quite tiring for our body and organism.

Decrease carbs, increase protein

The first advice that nutritionists give to those who want to lose weight and fat is to include more lean meat, fish and chicken in their diet - mainly breast - because of their low fat content.

At the same time, it is recommended to reduce carbohydrates (spaghetti, rice, etc.) and limit them only at lunch. In between meals, there is room for fruit while at meals those who want to lose fat can also increase legumes, which have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates.

Sleep well

A tired organism, which has been strained by work, exercise and daily duties of a person, no matter how well he is fed, needs rest. Sleep, as many mistakenly think, not only helps to rest but also to regulate the metabolism.

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