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Fat burners and weight loss

Fat burners and weight loss

Fat burners and weight loss - How they are related.

There is a lot of talk about "magic tricks" that will give us quick weight loss. Let's explain what really applies.

As consumers, you should be aware that many of these preparations, apart from the fact that they do not deliver what they promise, may also contain harmful chemicals, which are not listed on the packages. In addition you should know that

these preparations do not have the approval of the National Medicines Agency. This means that they have not been checked by any official body, Greek or foreign, before reaching you.

In this article we will talk about a substance that is widely available on the Greek market, carnitine.

First of all, what is carnitine and where do we find it?

Carnitine is a compound synthesized in the liver and kidneys from the amino acids lysine and methionine. In addition, we find it in meat and dairy products. Therefore, there are no data to show carnitine deficiency in the general population or in athletes.

What is it useful for;

It plays an important role in the oxidation of fatty acids, as it facilitates their entry into the mitochondria for the purpose of energy production.

Why is the sale of carnitine as a dietary supplement widespread?

It has been suggested that exogenous carnitine intake could increase the rate of fatty acid entry into mitochondria and thereby increase lipolysis, improve endurance in athletes and promote weight loss.

What do the studies show?

Scientific studies to date prove that the body can produce the amount of carnitine it needs and that supplemental administration does not increase its levels within the muscles, does not change the rate of fatty acid oxidation, therefore does NOT increase lipolysis.

In conclusion;

Although there is some theoretical basis for the "myth" surrounding carnitine, nothing is proven by scientific studies. Carnitine administration does not appear to affect fat metabolism or promote weight loss.

How can I finally increase fat burning?

The only way to trigger lipolysis is through an energy deficit and exercise! So if you want to burn your fat, there is one way.

We pay attention to the quality and quantity of our diet and increase our physical activity!

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