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Do you watch a lot of TV? – You are at risk of a heart attack

cardiovascular event

Do you watch a lot of TV? – You are at risk of a heart attack

The harmful consequences for those who abuse television by watching more than four hours daily, university research demonstrates Columbia, New York. cardiovascular event

The researchers who studied more than 3,000 people who sat in front of the television at certain times every day, found that those who watched from four hours a day had an average 50% greater risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death than those who watched up to two hours of television.

cardiovascular event

They clarify, however, that those who sat for long hours at their desk had approximately the same cardiovascular risk as those who sat for a few hours, thus highlighting the difference that exists in sitting for hours in front of a television in relation to the electronic computer in our office.

Physical exercise mitigates the effects

The findings of the study are more encouraging for those who exercise as sports can moderate the effects of long hours of television viewing.

Specifically, those who participated in the research and watched more than four hours of television a day but at the same time exercised for at least 150 minutes a week, did not present an increased cardiovascular risk.

Food + TV = extra pounds

Another aspect of the research concerns television viewing which can be combined with large amounts of food and especially snacks such as burgers or pizza.

In these cases, the body is burdened with fatty foods that cannot be metabolized while the person is sitting.

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