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Fight viruses with proper nutrition

Fight viruses

Fight viruses with proper nutrition

With Autumn, the first viruses began to "knock" on our door, which can trouble us for days. Fight viruses

Them  more times when we get sick, either we get one simple cold or some virus, the cause is hidden behind our fallen immunity.

Fight viruses

The virus finds our body vulnerable and then the results are known.

There are some movements with which we could put a "brake" on viruses or make them go through them more painlessly.

The secret of proper nutrition

The secret lies in proper nutrition and vitamins that strengthen our immunity.

Vitamin C is the A and O for shielding our body.

There are several vitamin preparations on the market, but they are not a panacea. Vitamin C is found in many products that we consume every day. Peppers, oranges, pomegranate, spinach, broccoli are just some of the products rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of while it significantly helps to strengthen our immune system.

All the latest studies prove that the higher its levels   of vitamin D in the blood, the less likely we are to get sick from a common cold or flu.

But where do we find vitamin D? There are foods rich in vitamin D such as mackerel, trout and herring.

Mushrooms are also a natural source of vitamin D2. In the absence of sunlight or dietary supplements, eating mushrooms is a good way to increase vitamin D levels.

The ingredients that strengthen the body

In addition to vitamins C and D there are a number of ingredients that are hidden in several foods that we consume every day that can contribute to strengthening the immune system. What are these;

Iron:  Rich sources are liver, eggs, whole grains, nuts and of course whole grain meat.

Magnesium : It significantly strengthens the body and is found, among others, in whole grains, sesame, nuts, legumes, dairy products, tuna.
ω-3 : These are the good fats found mainly in fatty fish such as salmon as well as nuts.

Indulge in the sun's rays in moderation

The most important source of vitamin D, however, is found in the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

Going outside during the day even for a few minutes of the hour when it's sunny can have beneficial effects on our body and boost immunity.

So instead of going to the stand by car, walk or take your bike. Choose to drink your coffee in an open area so that the sun's rays can see you.


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