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Why is my hair falling out?

Why is my hair falling out?

Why is my hair falling out?

The reasons we lose the our hair is many and almost always us make us worry. Why is my hair falling out?

They are divided into two basic categories, normal and pathological. The lifespan of each hair is about seven years.

Why is my hair falling out?

Its life cycle consists of three phases, of which in the third phase, i.e. the final stage, the hair stops growing and eventually falls out.

Natural causes

Why is my hair falling out?

The two normal reasons why our hair falls out are diet and seasonality.

Bad nutrition not only affects our body but also the health of our hair. Modern eating habits present either great deficiencies or great abuses. So we should manage to obtain a balanced diet, offering our body everything it needs for its smooth functioning. By extension, this will also benefit the health of the hair.

Proper nutrition requires a variety of food groups, so that the hair has enough raw material to create and vitamins, which are necessary for its growth and maintenance. If our diet is poor in protein, then within three or four months it will result in massive hair loss.

Of course, what we should not forget is the amount of water we consume every day. Water plays a vital role in the good health of the body and therefore plays a catalytic role in the fight against hair loss.

On the other hand, the seasons have their own effect on our hair. So for example, in summer our hair grows more, while in spring and autumn we notice that our hair loss is greater. In fact, while in winter and summer hair loss is at the lower limits of normal values, in spring and autumn it is at the upper limits. Therefore, hair loss is always kept at its normal values.

Regarding the above procedures, we could say that they are completely normal and necessary for hair renewal. Of course, this is also what makes them completely reversible.

Pathological causes

Why is my hair falling out?

Unfortunately, the causes of hair loss are often pathological. After all, we all know that the appearance of our hair is indicative of what is happening in the body. Some of them are the following:

•Genetic factors, such as hereditary predisposition.

•Hormonal disorders.

• Psychological factors, such as obsessive compulsive disorders and intense stress.

•Immune factors, such as autoimmune diseases.

•Pharmaceutical treatments, such as the use of antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, contraceptive pills or anticoagulants.

•Major physical injuries, such as burns.

•Chronic diseases, such as anemia and diabetes.

•Skin diseases.

•Gynecological factors, such as pregnancy and childbirth.

•External factors, such as dust, pollution, aggravating hairdressing processes and improper care.

• Poor nutrition, such as diets lacking in proteins and vitamins.

So let's learn to "listen" to our hair. These will give us the signs and we will have to take care of their health.

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