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How often do you massage?

How often do you massage?

How often do you massage?

How often do you massage?

Massage is a prerequisite for health, so we must follow a regular schedule.

It has happened to everyone. We have every good one intending to get up early in the morning, go to the gym and make an appointment to see the physical therapist during the lunch break, but we spend the morning running around the house trying to get everything ready for day and our plan never materializes.

The truth is that life is demanding and unexpected things happen all the time. But the best solution would be to have a regular physical therapy program, otherwise it is very likely that we will find ourselves in the difficult position of suffering from some stress-related illness. Studies have shown that physical therapy has beneficial effects for a large number of conditions such as headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.

Patients report an increased sense of well-being, fewer sleep disturbances and overall relief of stress symptoms. In addition, massage helps health, when it comes to recovery from possible accidents or injuries. Most evidence shows that to get long-term positive effects from massage, you need to follow a regular, persistent schedule.

How often do you massage?

A good idea to achieve this, is to arrange the next massage session immediately after the previous one is over, because life is a demanding boss. This means he will do anything to steal your time. Another idea would be to put your massage sessions on your calendar before any other obligations. If you don't, then work, family and life in general will claim all of your time. The truth is that if we take a little better care of ourselves then we will have more energy and less stress when we need to deal with all these situations that require our attention.

Massage is a condition of health and not a waste of time or just an experience. And like all health practices it has cumulative effects.

If you do it once a month you will see minimal benefits in relation to your health, while if you include it in your program more often, over the course of three months you will see more and very different results.

Also, while at the beginning of the treatments the therapist is the one who suggests the frequency, over time and based on his needs, the client also begins to recognize the regularity he would like to have in his appointments, in order to make progress in his health .

Don't wait for the moment of crisis

According to the opinion of most physical therapists, massage is a means of preventing difficult and painful conditions. By including it in our daily life, we relieve stress and prevent the unpleasant situations to which it leads.

The conclusion

After all, how frequent should massage sessions be? All in all, our health and well-being deserve at least an hour, once a month.

Remember, also, at the end of each treatment, to book the next appointment immediately, since your time is in demand.

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