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How to lose weight in the pool: 12 exercises to burn fat

How to lose weight in the pool:

How to lose weight in the pool: 12 exercises to burn fat

You know that swimming is one of the best ways to burn fat? This happens because water is 800 times denser than air, so every time "pushing" in the water is doing an exercise with resistance that burns fat and increases your metabolism. How to lose weight in the pool: It is also a weightless exercise that allows you to swim every day without worrying about injuries. Here we have some exercises for everyone.


● Simple classic swimming. A leisurely swim burns about 500 calories per hour. If you're starting today start with a few laps, take a break and then swim some more. Your goal is to slowly swim as many 50s as you can without taking a break.

When you stop at 50 15-20 relaxed breaths, exactly what you do when you stop from a relaxed or vigorous run, inhale and exhale....

● The bicycle. Rest your elbows on the edge of the pool and pedal a fantastic bike. This will not only burn your fat, but it will strengthen your core, your shoulders and your legs.

● The dolphin. Hold the edge of the pool with your left hand and your right hand in the water. With your legs together and stretched out, kick the water, using the power of both your back and torso, like a dolphin using its tail.

● The ball. Use your core strength with your right leg bent and your left leg extended back. Hold a ball with both hands in front of your stomach. Count 30 seconds and repeat the same process to exercise your other leg. Repeat 6 times for each side.

How to lose weight in the pool:


● Moderate classical swimming. If you can swim enough 50's you can add other swimming styles to train other parts of your body. For example, the backstroke exercises your back and shoulders, while the lunge exercises your inner thighs and hips (it is the most technically difficult style that certainly needs extra attention...)

● Sprint legs. Lean on the edge of your pool with your elbows together and legs straight in the water. Stand up until the water touches the bottom of your feet and repeat. This will strengthen your core and burn your fat.

● Jumps. Stand upright in the pool and jump bringing your knees close to your chest. Doing this for a few minutes will strengthen your core and sculpt your legs. To make it more difficult, don't let your feet touch the bottom of the pool.

● Variation of the bike. Instead of leaning on the edge of the pool and pedaling, use a long, narrow foam pad between your legs and cycle back and forth in your pool. Your abs will work hard to keep you balanced and your legs will work even harder to propel you across the pool.


● Advanced classical swimming. Combine many different swimming styles and add as much speed as you can. Thus, you will burn approximately 700 calories per hour and increase your metabolism with this aerobic exercise.

● Add weights. Adding weights to the pool to work out your arms will help you build muscle. Water adds resistance to your movements, increasing the burn. Also add special weights designed for the water when swimming butterfly or choose a training bar.

● The board. Plank in the pool using the familiar foam roller to keep balance with your arms and stretch your legs back. The water resistance will make it more difficult and you will need to use your abs and core to stay in this position.

● Ballet jumps. This is a great way to keep your legs and butt in shape. Start by standing with your heels together and knees bent out. Jump as high as you can. To increase the intensity of this exercise, do not take breaks between jumps. Remember that the lower you go after each jump, the harder your quads have to work to get you back up to the surface.

Saltamanikas Nikolas

TEFAA graduate, swimming specialty

Class A swimming coach

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