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Can swimming training make you perfect?

Can swimming training make you perfect?

Can swimming training make you perfect?

THE training makes you perfect! Training brings permanent results..! It can swimming training bring you to perfection?

We have heard these suggestions many times from coaches, parents and accomplished swimmers.

Training is many things for us swimmers, it's where our hands get soaked in the water, it's where we socialize with our friends, it's where our coaches put us through exercises so difficult that all we can do is laugh. . Most of us work hard, huff and puff between drills, grit our teeth and strive for the best, but beyond the effort, how focused and focused is the work we do each day in the pool? Do you have a goal to improve week by week and little by little?

Or are you one of those people who push themselves to the limit by striving for the best possible technique every day?

If you want that perfect race day look here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you boost your effort and of course be more focused during training.


If you're having a bad day at the pool, you'll try to find ways to be more productive, otherwise it's not worth wasting time on. Everything is training, but some things are not…


Part of your effort is being honest with your assessment of your progress.Are you improving week by week? Do you find yourself getting harder and harder as time goes on? Do you take time to think about what went well in training and what didn't? Evaluating your training gives you the opportunity to maximize the time and energy you spend in the pool so you can improve faster.


Things tend to fall apart for even the most accomplished swimmers when they stop raising the bar. In training we must be willing to fail, to be vulnerable, while in competition we must be combative and clear-headed.

That's why there should ALWAYS be times in training when we simulate the race.

Can swimming training make you perfect?

A typical training does not involve stress, while in a race, a test, as soon as you reach the edge of the pool, your pressure rises vertically and your nerves are about to break.

Although it's unlikely that you'll achieve the perfect match simulation, you should try it often to acclimate yourself to the pressure and stress of a competition.


● Troubleshooting.

In what areas do I have the greatest opportunities for improvement? What can I start working on today that will help me much later?

● Clarify exactly what you want to improve.

<< I want to be faster! >> This is a good goal, but it lacks clarity. It could mean many things at once. You can try to do one less hand on each pass or ….do 7 minutes of core exercise after each workout.

● Analyze your swimming

Sit down with your coach and ask him to be honest about the areas where you can improve.

Listen to him carefully and express yourself to him!

● Organize regular reviews

Start journaling your workouts, leaving comments on how you did each day. Be honest with yourself to improve faster.

Saltamanikas Nikolas

TEFAA graduate, swimming specialty

Class A swimming coach

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