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Different Triathlon Distances: Improve Your Training Program

Different Triathlon Distances

Different Triathlon Distances: Improve Your Training Program

Different Triathlon Distances

Tailor the exercises to fit your goals.

There are many types of triathlon that differ in the distance you have to cover. Training in different distances can constitute a challenge, especially in the pool. Here you will find a few things which you should definitely keep in mind.

Sprint distance

With up to half a mile to swim, you'll want to focus your training on both speed and endurance. When the race begins, you want to be able to respond to the fast start and stay with the pack of many.

To achieve this you need to make sure that your workouts stretch your anaerobic capacity while at the same time building your overall aerobic capacity through cycling and running. Exercise, especially in swimming, should consist of repeated intervals of short bursts of speed. So interval training will become your friend in the pool.

Different Triathlon Distances

Instead of swimming exactly the race distance, you can break your workout into smaller sets, creating breaks for yourself in between. Proponents of this method suggest allowing yourself to rest for the same amount of time it took for the rep. These breaks are very important because they help build both endurance and speed.

Olympic distance and Half-Ironman

Training well for these types of distances requires a focus on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, especially swimming. So you could, for example, intersperse a few resistance sets in the set of sprint exercises. To achieve the necessary adaptations in aerobic sets it is important to limit your rest. Maintain a steady pace so you can achieve more steady state time.

 Ironman and longer distances

Not surprisingly, effective training for the long swim distance of the triathlon primarily helps to develop aerobic capacity.

That doesn't mean it has to be boring or tedious. Instead, the work done in the pool to improve endurance is an opportunity to discover the perfect pace for you, over these distances. Using the valuable information you receive you can track your progress and plan your match strategy accordingly, since you will know what you can do and for how long. A set of 10x100s should always be included in your exercise program, at least once a week. Try shortening the breaks to see how much you've gained in endurance.


And always remember

To keep progressing, you should always aim to swim at least three times a week, regardless of distance. Frequency is the most important training variable in swimming.

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