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Morning or evening exercise? – See the benefits they have and get started

Morning or evening exercise

Morning or evening exercise? – See the benefits they have and get started

After you got the big one  decision to start exercise and put aside the familiar excuses like "there's no time, I'm tired", came the moment to see where you will fit within 24 hours the form of the sport you chose. Morning or evening exercise

For people who cannot imagine their life without sports, they always found – no matter how difficult their daily schedule – some time for their favorite exercise. So it's a matter of decision. If you spent in this "camp" time to follow the next step.

Morning or evening exercise?

The answer to this question, in principle, depends on how your daily schedule is structured. In any case, no time is prohibited for exercise, just each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the morning exercise, the body is more rested while the levels of metabolism are increased, which leads - depending on the type of exercise you choose - to lose weight more easily.

The muscles have recovered from a possible exercise that preceded it a day or two ago and as a result we feel that we can perform more.

Morning or evening exercise

Also one of the advantages of morning exercise is that for the rest of the day we feel our body is in balance and we are mentally alert in order to perform well in our work or in our other obligations. 

On the contrary, in the evening exercise or in the one that takes place early in the evening, there is the myth that says that afterwards we will be in overdrive, we will eat what we "find in front of us" and we will not be able to sleep.

According to a recent survey conducted in Australia, none of this seems to be confirmed.

What did the study show?

The conclusions of the research show that exercise, even of high intensity, performed early in the evening, does not negatively affect the quality of the night's sleep. Also, contrary to what we knew or believed, exercising early in the evening can reduce the feeling of hunger.

The adults who participated in the research completed three experimental tests with the aim of investigating how exercise is related to sleep disturbance and the feeling of hunger. In the first the exercise was done in the morning (6 – 7 am), in the second in the afternoon (2 – 4 pm) and in the third in the evening (7 – 9 pm).

Participants were required to cycle at a high intensity. After blood was drawn – before and after exercise – to look at the level of appetite-related hormones, the results were striking.

In particular, they showed that evening exercise had no harmful effect on sleep while at the same time reducing the feeling of hunger.

Conclusion. Leave the excuses that "I don't have time" or "it doesn't do to exercise early in the evening". Find the exercise that suits you and get started.

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