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The ideal sleep tracker

sleep tracker

The ideal sleep tracker

Some days, you wake up refreshed. Others, you feel like you hardly slept at all. sleep tracker. What separates good nights from bad isn't always clear, but a sleep tracker can provide valuable information.

Tracks your sleep patterns for a clearer picture of quality of the sleep you sleep. You can use these the information to optimize your sleep experience.

sleep tracker

While laboratory sleep tests generally track patterns directly through brain activity, sleep trackers rely on sensors to detect other physical signs, such as heart rate and body movement. Wearable devices remain at the bed throughout the night to measure data.

Other trackers may rest on the mattress, under the mattress, or next to the bed to collect information discreetly. Almost all sleep trackers upload this data to a device that runs it through an algorithm to analyze and display the results.

We're going to highlight some of our favorite sleep trackers and share what makes them stand out. We'll continue to explain what to consider while shopping and answer common questions about sleep monitors.


sleep tracker

WHOOP 4.0 builds on its predecessor with a lighter, more compact design and more enhanced tracking capabilities. One of the most innovative changes is the addition of Any-Wear technology.

While the WHOOP tracker is designed with a wearable wristband, the sensor can be detached from the strap and used with different garments such as sports bras, compression tops, leggings, sports boxers and intimates. Each of these features a small pocket to secure the sensor while you exercise or sleep.

The tracker monitors metrics such as active and resting heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. Users can also program a tactile alarm that produces gentle vibrations when it's time to get up, something many sleepers prefer to beep loudly first thing in the morning.

The alarm also tracks your breathing patterns to vibrate at the end of your sleep cycle, so you should wake up feeling refreshed with little to no worry.

Biostrap Active Set

sleep tracker

Biostrap EVO is one of the most advanced sleep trackers on the market today, offering a comprehensive picture of overall health. The device tracks your sleep stages and nighttime biometrics, such as heart and breathing rates, creating a nighttime sleep score ranging from 1 to 100.

EVO also calculates how well or poorly your body recovers during the night by combining your sleep score with metrics related to sleep efficiency, nocturnal heart rate variability, and resting heart rate.

The recovery store is meant to represent your ability to deal with stressors at home, at work, or wherever you spend your days.

EVO comes in three sets based on your monitoring needs. We chose the Biostrap Active Set because – in addition to sleep tracking – it offers a wide range of fitness-related functions.

Sleepon Go2sleep Tracker

sleep tracker

The Go2Sleep Tracker from Sleepon offers a wide range of data for its price. It provides a significant amount of valuable information for shoppers who want to learn more about their sleep and general health.

The tracker is a silicone ring that syncs with your phone to provide sleep data that you can access on the companion mobile app. Before you go to bed, you sync the ringer with your phone and it tracks nearly ten different health metrics while you sleep.

In addition to sleep duration and quality, the Go2Sleep Tracker measures your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep stage status, along with other health metrics. It also alerts you if it senses your blood oxygen saturation level is abnormal. The tracker's alarm clock uses your sleep patterns to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Withings Sleep

Withings Sleep's low profile allows it to discreetly collect data about your sleep experience from under your mattress. Sensors on the device detect heart rate, breathing and movement. This data is processed to produce reports on your sleep cycle, heart rate and breathing, with an overall sleep score.

The device also detects snoring and breathing interruptions. It is designed to look for some of the signs of sleep apnea. In conjunction with the app, Withings Sleep assesses heart and chest activity that may be indicative of the condition. This could help you determine if this is a potential issue to address with your doctor.

Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker

The Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker is a non-wearable sensor that slides under your mattress and syncs with its corresponding app. Along with standard metrics like sleep stages, sleep quality and duration, it also monitors your bedroom environment.

The sensor measures air purity, humidity, CO2 levels and temperature near your bed. Sleepers who own the Tempur-Pedic Ergo smart base can take advantage of more features.

The sensor works with the smart base to adjust the angle of the bed to reduce snoring or other sleep problems. The tracker costs a lot more than many other sleep trackers, but it may be worth the price for some buyers.

Wellue O2Ring

While some sleep trackers record a wide range of data points, the Wellue O2Ring is specifically designed to monitor oxygen level activity. The wearable ring, weighing only 15 grams, fits comfortably around your thumb.

During the night, the device will emit a silent vibration if it detects abnormalities in your oxygen levels or an irregular pulse rate. You can adjust the vibration for a softer or stronger setting, depending on your personal preference.

At any point, you can tap the ring to see your current oxygen level and heart rate. The device records data every 4 seconds during use

FitBit Sense

FitBit is known for advanced fitness trackers, and FitBit Sense elaborates on that technology with heart sensors and stress scans. An electrodermal activity sensor is meant to monitor your stress response and provide stress management tips.

This sensor is paired with an ECG app that monitors skin temperature and heart rate, which will alert you if your beats per minute (BPM) level is too high or too low. Buyers looking for a sleep tracker that also provides detailed information about their overall health may want to consider this option.

Sense has several functions for monitoring sleep. The device detects the time spent in the different stages of sleep. Owners can opt for a Smart Wake alarm that wakes them up at the end of their sleep cycle to ensure they feel refreshed when they get out of bed.

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