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Air pollution 'kills' fertility

Air pollution 'kills' fertility

Air pollution 'kills' fertility

In recent years we have been observing more and more women have difficulty conceiving a child. Air pollution 'kills' fertility

Therefore, they have been "guilty" a number of genetic factors, such as endometriosis, poor egg quality and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Air pollution 'kills' fertility

But apart from genetic problems, it seems that some other factors can influence whether or not a child is conceived.

Recent research by the University of Modena has shown that women who live in areas burdened by air pollution have a reproductive disadvantage compared to those who... breathe clean air.

If women who live in areas with increased levels of pollution and additionally smoke, then the chances of giving birth to a child decrease even more.

Consider moving

This new scientific research says, among other things, that women who live in a city with air pollution and find it difficult to have a child, maybe they should move for a while to the countryside or some area with cleaner air.

This development, they note, could improve their fertility. The researchers, led by Antonio La Marca, found that toxic air particles can reduce ovarian activity and thus narrow the "window of opportunity" for conceiving a child.

They further argue that the number (stock) of total eggs a woman can produce in her reproductive life varies and depends on several factors, including environmental and genetic.

What the study showed

The new study of 1,318 women between 2007-2017, which was based on measurements of a hormone (AMH) produced by the ovaries, concluded that women living in areas with the worst air pollution were two to three times more likely to have very low egg supply. However, this does not necessarily mean that they will have difficulty getting pregnant, as a low number of eggs does not mean low fertility, but it does reduce the chances of reproduction.

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