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Summer: Which nutritional supplements are essential?

Summer: Which nutritional supplements?

Summer: Which nutritional supplements are essential?

Summer is coming, the temperature rises and with it, strawberries, cherries, peaches and remaining summer fruits. Summer: Which nutritional supplements?

But no one can guarantee that the variety of fruits and vegetables, an essential element of a balanced diet, excludes the need to supplement the diet with specific ingredients!
Vitamin D from the sun
It stands out from all the other vitamins because we don't find it in food as much as the skin can synthesize it from the sun! It is estimated that 15 minutes on sunny days are enough to cover the daily needs. However, because the conditions are not always ideal, the clothes, but especially the necessary use of sunscreen, make vitamin D sufficiency seem like an elusive dream. In fact, it is estimated that even in the summer months, 1 in 4 Greeks over 60 show low levels of the vitamin.

Women's Vitamin E
It has a strong effect against oxidative stress. It specializes in protecting skin cells from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Many sun creams contain vitamin E. But the latter is stored not only in the outer layers of the skin, but also deeper. If you want more photoprotection and a stronger antioxidant effect, you are better off taking a "cosmetic" food supplement with vitamin E.

Intense tanning with carotenoids
Skin color is determined by 3 factors. Blood flowing under the skin, melanin and carotenoids. The latter is a group of orange, red and yellow vegetables and fruits that give a golden yellow color to your skin, while at the same time protecting you. Experts suggest enriching your diet with carrots, tomatoes, peppers and apricots at least 8 weeks before going to the beach.

Electrolytes quench your thirst
Electrolytes are a group of nutrients necessary for water balance in the body, but also for the transmission of nerve and muscle messages. It is estimated that an average man needs 2.5 liters of water per day, while a woman needs 2 liters. Of course, in summer the rate of perspiration is high and the needs increase. However, along with fluids, it is also necessary to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat, mainly sodium and chloride. The first symptoms of dehydration appear as fatigue, unsteadiness and inability to concentrate and are more common in older adults. Make sure to adequately hydrate your body throughout the day, before you even get thirsty!

Magnesium relieves cramps
To prevent cramping again when swimming or exercising in the heat, use a magnesium supplement beforehand. This valuable nutrient ensures the normal contraction and relaxation of muscles. So as it is easily understood, its lack increases the chances of some muscle cramp. Summer: Which nutritional supplements?

Probiotics for traveler's constipation
If your gut habits change every time you travel, then don't forget to pack probiotics! Probiotics are the friendly microorganisms that "inhabit" the human gut and combine with their food, prebiotic fiber. Don't forget to drink enough water, walk and don't ignore the signs your gut is sending you!
The thistle for "misdeeds"
In the summer, along with the mood, our eating habits also relax! The food is accompanied by a greater consumption of alcohol, which in combination burdens the liver. This precious organ is responsible for countless body functions. Protect your liver with milk thistle, which enhances its detoxifying action.

Fat dissolvers
Take care of your body before hitting the beach with ingredients aimed at burning fat. The latter are called fat dissolvers and each of them is specialized for a type of person. If you are a woman choose the citrus extract, if you are a man go for capsaicin, while athletes will benefit more from the omega 6 good fat CLA.
In the summer the temperature inside the house rises, so it would be good to protect your nutritional supplements. Choose a shady and cool cupboard and carefully close the package.

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