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Olive oil: "Shield" against oxidative stress and premature aging

Olive oil: "Shield" against premature aging

Olive oil: "Shield" against oxidative stress and premature aging

More than 50 diseases are linked to oxidative stress, which – among other things –  is also "blamed" for the premature birth aging of the body. Olive oil: "Shield" against premature aging

Those who are unfamiliar with the term oxidative stress should know that it is a process related to the imbalance in the functioning of the human body, caused by the increase of free radicals and created by aggravating factors and a combination of them such as:

Smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, air pollution, toxic substances, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and pesticides.

Olive oil: "Shield" against premature aging

In contrast to oxidative stress, dozens of Greek products, components of the Mediterranean diet, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, aromatic plants, wine, legumes, with the antioxidants they contain combat excess free radicals and shield the health.

"Added to the quiver of these beneficial foods is olive oil, one of the famous products of "mother earth", for which we knew its nutritional properties, but now we have one more reason to pay attention to the quality ingredients of the olive oils we put on our table stressed Apostolos Kyritsakis, president of the Hellenic Observatory for Oxidative Stress.

Speaking recently at an event on oxidative stress, Mr. Kyritsakis added that the olive oil we consume must "be virgin or even better extra virgin, a cold-pressed derivative, without impurities, unadulterated."

The components of olive oil, he explained, such as oleocanthal, eleuropein, oleaginous, prevent free radicals and act preventively against premature aging while at the same time helping to strengthen the body's defenses.

"Oleocanthal has even been found to act as an anti-inflammatory like the drug "ibuprofen", said Dr. Apostolos Kyritsakis.

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