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When fighting between couples is good for health

the fights between couples

When fighting between couples is good for health

You had never thought that the fights between couples can long-term benefit a couple's health? the fights between couples

As much as it sounds absurd a new investigation is coming to overturn everything we knew about relationships, fights and the consequences they may have had on the couple's health.

When are they useful?

Obviously, not all fights come in the same... scale. However, research recently published in a journal of psychosomatic medicine proves that couples who are used to arguing with each other have a lower risk of getting sick or at risk of premature death.

However, the researchers are quick to point out, this is not always the case.

Research shows that the health benefits only come when the fights between the couple are of equal intensity.

Simply put, forget the benefits if one screams and the other fights… quietly.

The researchers note, among other things, that if one person holds back their anger while the other expresses their emotions passionately, this could double the risk of premature death.

Research over time

The American study investigated 192 couples over a period of 32 years to see how much life expectancy was affected by arguments between them.

Psychologist Kyle Bourassa, from the University of Arizona, referring to the results of the research, explained:

"The more differently each partner responds to the fight, the greater the risk of premature death."

The different response to conflict, he adds, translates into more daily fights as the years go by.

It even seems, something that many of us can perceive through our daily lives, that when one can desire more heated arguments while the other partner does not, this leads to a lack of satisfaction on both sides.

Everyday stress

This means more daily stress that could be harmful to long-term health.

Conversely, couples who have the same fighting style may fight much less and thus maintain better health.


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