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Bad cholesterol – Risks from low prices too

Bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol – Risks from low prices too

We all know that high levels of bad cholesterol, known as LDL, are blamed for quite serious health problems. Bad cholesterol

However, new research proves that we should not... overdo it, as when we drop its prices to very low levels, then it can lead to to completely opposite results.

First of all, let's make a small introduction to cholesterol or otherwise cholesterol. It is a fatty substance produced by the body, but it is also "hidden" in various foods.

Bad cholesterol

Our body needs cholesterol in certain levels in order to function in a balanced way. The problem begins that its prices rise since then our body is at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

And this is because cholesterol that is not used by the body accumulates on the walls of the blood vessels, causing blockages.

New research

Pennsylvania State University researchers studied more than 90,000 people with no history of stroke, heart attack or cancer at the start of the study for nine years.

Those of the participants who had a level of "bad" cholesterol between 70 and 99 had a similar risk of hemorrhagic stroke. But for those who had LDL below 70 the risk was significantly increased.

No to exaggerations

Specifically, people with LDL below 50 had an average 169% greater risk of hemorrhagic stroke than those with "bad" cholesterol from 70 to 99.

The researchers warn that in this case too, moderation and balance are the "key" in order to regulate bad cholesterol.

"One should not go to one extreme or the other, i.e. have too high or too low a level. "Especially if you belong to a high-risk group for hemorrhagic stroke due to family history or risk factors such as high blood pressure and heavy alcohol consumption, you will do well to pay extra attention to your LDL levels," said the lead researcher.

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