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Make back to school fun

back to school

Make back to school fun

From our childhood age, the onset of September marked the beginning of the school year. back to school

It meant the beginning of a new everyday life, many new obligations and of course it fills us with sadness, since it followed the end of the carefree summer.

The years may pass, but childhood feelings remain just as unpleasant in the face of pressing changes, which for most means the beginning of school. The sadness about the beginning of the school year becomes a little more intense for children who are at a very young age, that is, for children who will go to school for the first time or for those who are in the first grades of elementary school.

They suddenly feel that the time has come when everyone expects a lot from them, whereas in previous years there were neither responsibilities nor demands. And from where they were used to having little to do on their own, they enter a new reality that usually comes with fear of the unknown, separation from mom and dad, and being out of the house for several hours a day. .

back to school

Let's look at some small tips to make the beginning of the school year and our new everyday life easier, both for our little heroes and for ourselves:

* Several days before schools open, make a schedule of sleep and activities. So when the time comes to start the school year, the child will not have difficulty waking up in the morning and will be prepared to include the daily study in his schedule.

* Shop with the children for their school supplies. Combine the start of school with the positive emotions generated by pleasant shopping. Give the children the initiative to choose the things they like and thus feel that they are actively participating in their new reality.

* Give the child the opportunity to get to know the school area, a few days before it starts. It is very important that he gets to know the place where he will spend several hours a day, so that he feels safe in it.

* On the day of the Consecration, try for the child to be rested and relaxed and start on time for school. Having a short window of time gives you the opportunity to avoid the unexpected and the tension they create.

* Prepare his clothes and tithe from the night before. This will avoid morning delays.

* Through relaxed discussions we show the children the positive aspects of school. We make sure to emphasize those elements that will pique their interest such as new friends, group games, new things to learn and of course field trips.


* Finally help yourself as a parent by organizing every Sunday a to-do schedule for the whole week. This will help you to easily and quickly adapt to the new situation and avoid stress and difficulties as you adapt together with the child to his new reality.

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