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Selecting future swimming champions

swimming champions

Selecting future swimming champions

Often we wonder how it is possible the great athletes to come from specific sports clubs. swimming champions

Small children enter the children's sections of the union and a few years later we meet the same children winners in important sporting events.

Of course, magic does not happen in sports. The ability of the top clubs to produce great athletes is the result of the special training philosophy which is "clothed" with the absolute technical training of the coaches which originates through studies and experiences, of good management which adopts the true concept of championship, patience and sometimes of their good fortune.

Solid foundation

Believe it or not most coaches are not looking for great athletes at very young ages. On the contrary, they try during the first years, when the children are involved in the sport, to educate them about the correct technique and to create an environment of fun and love for swimming.

The next goal is for the kids to stay in the sport as they get older, improving their technique at their own pace. As skills are perfected it is time to train them appropriately to achieve more specific goals.

swimming champions

Continuous improvement

Usually swimming clubs follow specific training programs, according to which the athlete is constantly progressing and progressing to a higher and higher level of ability. Workouts increase as swimmers level up, both in duration and frequency, as well as in intensity.

But none of the athletes should be pressured to progress at a faster rate than their capabilities. So long-term programs are designed so that there is constant progress and improvement. If the talent is there, it should be encouraged in every way.

When young swimmers become teenagers, that is, at 13 or 14, we reach the point where we have to decide whether swimming is a beautiful activity or the sport that they will serve with dedication in the coming years. From this age onwards, the training sessions are tailored to each athlete, so that the environment is favorable for the achievement of their goals.

Without pressure

Although, when the athlete is older the coach can distinguish whether he will progress to the championship, this rarely has anything to do with his course under the age of 10. What coaches are generally looking for, beyond physical talent, are leadership skills, ethics, obedience, assimilation, the great desire to participate in matches, characteristics that at young ages do not make their presence so noticeable.

Even after many years of working with and observing athletes, coaches try to be extra careful about the expectations they place on kids and their precious time, which should be spent as productively as possible.


Coaches must communicate their intentions and expectations to both athletes and their families. Especially for high-level athletes, everyone needs to know the same things and agree to do their part for positive results. The family, for example, must be willing to commit to the athlete's travel and the level of competition he will participate in.

On the other hand, the training team should define a specific program, in which everyone agrees and strives in the same way for the athlete's progress.

Finally, the executives of the Association should be able to catch the pulse of the athletes and of course their families in order to support them in all areas.


High level athletes are not created overnight. That's why the best thing for coaches to do is not to push the kids to short successes, but to give them room to develop and improve over time.

In all this, the analysis of their planning and design is necessary.

See the reality

Not everyone is in swimming for the same reason. Some just want to have a fun activity, others want to learn to swim well, and others want to become high-level athletes. Everyone must work equally to achieve their own goal.

The coach will therefore create such an environment so that everyone can successfully take their next step, whatever it may be, successfully. swimming champions

Saltamanikas Nikolas

TEFAA graduate

Specialty Swimming

Coach for many years in well-known Nautical Clubs in all swimming categories


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