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Botox: Myths and Truths

Botox: Myths and Truths

Botox: Myths and Truths

Botox is the most popular antiaging treatment in aesthetic medicine, with immediate and spectacular results. Botox: Myths and Truths

In 2002, botox was approved of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – National Food and Drug Administration of the USA) for its use in aesthetic medicine. In 2013 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery they were performed only in the United States 6.3 million botox applications.

To achieve the best result, after botox treatment the instructions are absolutely clear:

  • We do not rub or press the botox application areas and we do not tear until the next day.
  • For 4 hours we don't lie down, we don't sleep, we don't bend over and we don't lift weights.
  • We do not expose the face to heat sources such as saunas and hair dryers and we do not sunbathe.
  • Do not pour hot water on your face, do not consume alcohol and avoid aspirin for 1 day.
  • We use sunscreen.

Botox: Myths and Truths

M: Botox distorts facial features and freezes expression.

A: When botox is injected at the correct anatomical points, the facial expressions and features are not only not altered but on the contrary are highlighted as the face acquires a younger appearance and looks more rested.

M: If someone decides at some point to stop doing botox, the face will be much worse than it would be if it had never done botox.

A: After botox's action time has passed, the face will return to its original pre-treatment state as the facial muscles will begin to move normally again.

M: If I keep doing botox at some point it won't "take" on my face.

A: According to a recent study done on a large number of patients and published in an American medical journal, the exact opposite happens. The time consistency in the application of botox wrinkle treatment leads to a greater reduction of wrinkles each time and a longer duration of the result, which can reach up to 7 months, when the average time for repeating the treatment is 4-5 months .

Myths and truths

M: I'm too young to have botox.

A: The ideal time to do botox is not a function of age but of muscle activity, because there are persons with overactive muscles and strong expressiveness who need botox application even from the age of 25.

M: Botox is the same everywhere and I'll go get it done wherever I can find the lowest price.

A: Choosing cheap offers is very risky. Genuine botox is an expensive drug. In the cheap solutions and offers, the quality and origin of the botox is dubious, the formulation is not certified and not only the result is poor but it is also extremely dangerous for the person's health. In addition, botox is an extremely sensitive substance to high temperatures and its effect from the time it dissolves weakens day by day. So it is very important to properly dissolve (dilute) the medicine, properly preserve it and apply it shortly after opening it.

The application of the botox treatment must be done in an appropriately equipped clinic and not in any place as it is a purely medical treatment.

Even botox must be done by a fully qualified doctor and preferably a plastic surgeon, because only the plastic surgeon knows the anatomy of the facial muscles perfectly, and as we said, botox is injected into the muscles and not into the skin.

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