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Nutrition goals for 2017

Nutrition goals for 2017

Each beginning of a new year is for each of us a period of reflection on the year we have left and setting goals for the year to come. So it's time to set nutritional goals! First, goals are more likely to be implemented if they are SMART! What does this mean; The acronym SMART is used to get the goal right and refers to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-framed. Let each of you set your own SMART goals today. Instead of saying: I need to exercise a little and pay attention to my diet, say: From tomorrow I will eat breakfast at home and not the cheese pie from outside, I will take 2 pieces of fruit with me to the office as a snack and I will walk 30 minutes every day ! If you do it this way, you will have a very good chance of succeeding.

Choose one goal at a time and get started!

Consume more fruits and vegetables. Eat at least one more serving of fruit or vegetables. Keep vegetables in the front of the fridge and fruit in a visible place in the house. Place extra vegetables in sandwiches, salads, soups, omelets, mix mashed cauliflower with mashed potatoes.
Cut out fast food. Try to eliminate fast-food from your life. Take a different route to avoid 'temptations', keep fruit or nuts with you to keep you full until you get home or work. If you can't resist, opt for light options like grilled chicken salad. Watch your portions and drink water instead of soft drinks.
Eat out less. Plan your meals every day so that the restaurant is not your only option. Since daily cooking in today's conditions may not be possible, start this year by freezing a few days of extra food so that on difficult days only defrosting is required! For dinner, opt for quick and healthy meals such as fruit salad with yogurt or a salad with a protein source (meat, chicken, egg, cheese, tuna). If you do end up in a restaurant, think about the difficulties you will encounter and ways to deal with them, choose small portions and don't go on an empty stomach, as you will inevitably lead to overeating. Eat a healthy snack beforehand and start the meal with soup or salad. If the portion is large, share or take half home
Listen to your body. Eat only when you are really hungry. When you feel satisfied stop, even if there is food on your plate. Do not sit in front of the TV or computer while eating. Multitasking leads to overeating! Finally, avoid eating when you are sad – stressed. You don't solve the problem, you add another one! Eat slowly, so that your body has time to give the message of satiety.
Watch out for snacks at work. Remove all unhealthy snacks from your desk – or at least out of sight. Eat breakfast and start refusing treats. You will eat less if you don't have food nearby. The distance discourages you from frequent consumption. Make time for a regular lunch break away from your desk.
Drastically cut back on sugar. Stop drinking soft drinks and you've automatically saved 30 grams of sugar – or about 8 teaspoons per pack. Prefer water or tea without sugar to hydrate. Choose sugar-free cereals and detox from sweets.
Eat breakfast every day. If you don't have time, prepare a toast and take it with you. Alternatively, have yogurt with fruit or cereal in the office. Forget muffins, cookies and crackers. Even if the idea of breakfast makes it difficult for you, you should know that a proper breakfast will nourish your body and protect you from eating unhealthy options such as cheese pies, sweet treats, etc.
Plan your diet in time. Know your next day's nutritional plan from the night before. Don't wait until the last minute because the chances of making the wrong choice increase. Breakfast at home, snacks at work, nutritious snacks with you and dinner back at your home. Find out which restaurants and supermarkets have ready-to-go meals and choose salads, soups or roasts, so if you have to eat out, at least make healthy choices.
Learn to say "No". Stay disciplined and you will see that as time goes by, automations will be created and everything will become very easy. You will receive many treats but refuse firmly and politely. You don't owe people explanations, but you do owe yourself good health.
Find support. Attitudes are highly contagious. Avoid bad influences and find support from your friends and family.
Win your personal bet. Set small, achievable goals to boost your confidence and reward yourself with each achievement. Don't push your limits by making too many changes at once.
Observe the health level of people close to you who live healthy and others who live unhealthy. Make the comparison and this year will be your year!
Don't forget that with small changes come the best results!
Happy new year!
Nikos Cafetzopoulos
Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist, Nutribase Nutrition
213 002 48 54 | 6942 84 24 63 | info@nutribase.gr | www.nutribase.gr |
19 Grigoriou Lambrakis, Glyfada

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